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Our House of the Sacred Heart is a groundbreaking collection of 33 true stories of five generations of a family formed in the Sacred Heart of Jesus through their connection to an unforgettable house. As you enter into the heart of this book, you are invited into that house and offered hospitality through time-tested stories of growth in the Faith, transiting the various gateways of life. This book, complete with beautiful prayers, devotions, art, poetry, and reflections, will teach you to spot and follow those clues, and discover your own spiritual autobiography, culminating in consecration to the Sacred Heart.
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What better gift could Our Lady have given us than the Rosary? The Rosary is Sacred Braille in that it is a miraculous juxtaposition of a language of prayer we can feel with our hands, joining word to touch. It is the Rosary to which our fingers may cling, as our flesh craves something tangible. Includes a guided 3-day retreat for group or individual use. Foreword by Bishop Richard G. Henning.

This double volume is destined to become a classic work of the religious imagination. A Ship to Hold The World can be described as Dramatic Monologue meets Midrash, each soulful and sensual verse written in the voice of a Biblical character: from Satan to Salome, from Noah to Lazarus. In The Marionette’s Ascent, we encounter the unforgettable character of Marion, a brash and brilliant “everyman” marionette who finds herself on a Dantean journey through purgatory, hell and heaven. These poems are at times laugh-out-loud funny, and at other times, heartbreaking.
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Inspired by the art, culture, and mythology of Italy that Moseley encountered on a two-week trip from Venice to Rome, The Divine Tour is a collection of mostly free verse, but includes includes some form, such as the villanelle and pantoum.
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Annabelle Moseley’s poems have the brilliance of objects found in holy places. They possess a certain kind of mystery and a “strange sort of zen” that keeps the reader spellbound. Let us be thankful for these poems of two worlds, the mortal and the spiritual. Simply put — they are charming.
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