A Reading with Claire Nicolas White

This past Sunday I met with my friend- the poet, translator, and editor of Oberon Poetry Magazine, Claire Nicolas White to do a reading.  We traded poems and conversation at her homestead.  While Claire Nicolas White has a fascinating family history (she was the niece of Aldous Huxley, the wife of the sculptor Robert White (who himself was grandson of the architect Stanford White, and she is the mother of the painter Christian White, to name a few.)  Claire is fascinating because of the merit of her work- her poetry and translation.  Not to mention, she is a lovely person- intelligent and funny. I had such fun spending time with her.  The reading was recorded by Graham Everett of Street Press Productions, and will be featured in Street Magazine, number 18, Digital Issue 5 (Winter 2010-2011).   In between our readings, we traded stories and thoughts about art and poetry.  Graham kept the camera rolling during these moments, which is a real treasure.