Moseley interviewed by America Magazine

Poetry editor Joseph Hoover interviews award-winning poet Annabelle Moseley about her latest double volume of poetry, A Ship to Hold the World and The Marionette’s Ascent.

Annabelle Moseley
Your latest work is outstanding. Do you feel as if you have been working your whole life to be able to come up with poems like these?

Thank you, Joe. A Ship to Hold the World and The Marionette’s Ascent is definitely an outgrowth of my life’s experience. In a review of my first full-length collection of poems, The Clock of the Long Now, American poet Dan Brown writes, “The Clock of the Long Now has the feel of a once-in-a-lifetime achievement (literally the book of Moseley’s life)…”

When Mr. Brown wrote that I thought, ‘It’s not the book of my life, just part of my life’s book… You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’

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