When The Light Went Out

Your ghost would be there, folded like a fleece
across my bed at night, delaying rest.
Afraid of what I’d conjured, wanting peace,
I’d tug the blankets, waiting for the blessed
saltwater stain of sleep upon my lips.
And hours would pass before it came. That’s how
I tucked myself in every night. The ships
appearing in my dreams were you. Each prow,
your neck. Each sail, your hair. It was enough,
rocked by you. Yet you also stood on deck
beside me, made of warm, still-solid stuff.
Awakening, there was only the wreck,
the memories you left behind, your ghost—
the fleece I wore by day, skimming the coast.

Annabelle Moseley's "The Clock of the Long Now" front coverThe Clock of the Long Now treats the subject of time in many forms. From myth and ancient scripture, to a clock that will keep time for the “deep future,” to time travel made possible through an historic house, and the light of poetry, this collection is a pilgrimage through measured time to sacred time. Written completely in sonnets, The Clock of the Long Now reminds of the individual clocks each of us carries within us always, the human heart.
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  1. I hadn’t heard of your poetry until I was assigned to do a report on you and your poetry for my poetry class. I’m so glad I found out about you! Your poetry is beautiful.

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