The First Birth

(I have been born inside him, too.) I am
my mother’s goldfinch, thistle-eater of
her womb. I sing her blood’s music, enjamb
the sounds her heart and breathing made above
my new ears between words and warbles. And—
her orchard is behind my eyelids. But
I am also my father’s fish, each hand
a fin, to thrust my way through every rut
of water, land or air. Wide-eyed, the one
swallowed up whole, caught by the line; I’ve felt
the hook in my mouth, scales flashing in sun—
I’ve bitten myself free. I bore the welt
of grief when he was gone. His fish, sent through—
I have been born—been born inside him, too.

Annabelle Moseley's "The Clock of the Long Now" front coverThe Clock of the Long Now treats the subject of time in many forms. From myth and ancient scripture, to a clock that will keep time for the “deep future,” to time travel made possible through an historic house, and the light of poetry, this collection is a pilgrimage through measured time to sacred time. Written completely in sonnets, The Clock of the Long Now reminds of the individual clocks each of us carries within us always, the human heart.
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